Structural Renovations
  • Full structural survey which includes inspection of roof beams, walls, floor beams, foundations and the immediate surrounding terrain
  • Report on any defects found
  • Arrange appropriate geological investigations.
  • Advise on necessary action to stabilise the building i.e. underpinning, mass concrete etc.


These photographs illustrate a renovation recently completed in the Haute Pyrenees.    (The views of the Pyrenees to the south are absolutely stunning!).

When we first inspected the building we found it to be in danger of collapse.  The walls to the south and west had serious horizontal and vertical cracks, windows and doors were jammed   We immediately arranged for the property to be shored-up on the west elevation and windows and doors braced on both the west and south elevations.  

We then organised specialists to carry out a full site investigation, along with soil tests.    The results of these tests demonstrated the need for underpinning to all sides of the property.            

The underpinning work was carried out by a highly respected French company, specialists in underpinning.

Mini Piles were sunk to a depth of 17 metres and new reinforced concrete foundations installed.

These major works were completed successfully and with minimum disruption to the surrounding grounds, in just four weeks, one week ahead of programme.

The cracks were then repaired, the walls re-rendered and a fine old maison de maitre was finally restored to its former glory.